Positive Mental Health Initiative

The New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training, and Labour (PETL) and the Health and Education Research Group (HERG) have launched the Post-Secondary Positive Mental Health Initiative for New Brunswick Community Colleges and Universities.

The intent of this initiative is to promote greater awareness regarding the importance of positive mental health perspectives and practices (moving from pre-contemplation to contemplation), and to set the stage for developing and implementing such practices as part of organizational routines and relationships (progressing from planning to action).

The implementation of this initiative is viewed as critical for supporting:

  • Student retention and engagement
  • Employee retention and engagement
  • Healthy learning and work environments
  • Positive relationships and resiliency
  • The social-emotional needs of all students and employees, especially those with mental health concerns

Wellness approach

Recent better practice research has asserted the importance of moving beyond a singular focus on mental health problems to incorporate an increased emphasis on people's strengths and their potential to pursue and promote positive change in themselves and in their environments.

This initiative will be designed to provide institutional educators, student service professionals, administration, human resource personnel, and students with strategic approaches, supportive practices and tools for promoting and embedding psychological wellness within post-secondary environments.

The Positive Mental Health Initiative includes evidence-informed training, processes and tools that:

  • Identify and use positive individual traits, strengths, motivations and interests as a basis for engagement and promoting positive change
  • Value and build on existing relationship strengths, positive personal and team processes, successes, and stories of accomplishment to increase motivation and relationship cohesion among educators, student service professionals, human resource personnel, administration, and students
  • Apply motivational mental fitness practices that create readiness for healthy lifestyle change
  • Embed within post-secondary cultures strength-focused practices that contribute to high student and employee engagement and performance.

What is Positive Mental Health?

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