Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How do I get my tickets?
    • This year we are using a new electronic ticketing system. You will be able to log in to an e-ticketing site  and have your tickets emailed to your UNB email account.
  • When can I request my guest tickets?
    • Beginning March 12, 2018, you can request your 4 guest tickets. 
  • How many tickets will each graduate receive?
    • Each graduate will receive 4 tickets to their respective graduation ceremony.
  • What happens if I ask for tickets to the wrong ceremony?
    • Don’t worry, the e-ticketing system knows which ceremony you will be graduating in. You will only have access to tickets from your ceremony.
  • As a graduate, will I require a ticket to attend my graduation ceremony?
    • Graduates do not require tickets for their own graduation ceremony. If you plan on attending a ceremony which you are not graduating in, you will require a ticket.
  • Can I share the tickets with my guest by email?
    • Yes, you can email your guest their tickets ahead of time. This can be done through the e-ticketing site.
  • I have an infant who will be attending my graduation ceremony. Do they require a ticket?
    • If a child requires a seat to sit in during the ceremony, they will need a ticket to attend.
  • What do I do if I lose my printed ticket(s) or delete the email containing my ticket(s)?
    • The tickets that you request are saved to your account. You can log back in and review, print or email your tickets at any time. (Please note: all guests must present valid tickets at the doors)
  • What if I require additional tickets to the ceremony?
    • All additional tickets will be available Monday, May 14, 2018