Event Date(s): March 19, 2016
Time(s): 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Category: Faculty
Location: Fredericton

Event Details

Hammerfest is one of the longest traditions of forestry at UNB. It no longer is a regular ritual of the academic year but it's still remembered by many. The Hammerfest celebration began in the earliest days of forestry at UNB. It was a formal dinner-party event with the purpose of introducing the up-and-coming foresters to forestry graduates and potential employers. Hammerfest was held for many years in the log cabins in the University Forest. The guest list not only included forestry students and professors, but also selected professors from other faculties. Formal (and sometimes hand-made) invitations, menus and toast lists were printed and sent. Over the years, the location was moved (as the log cabins fell into disrepair) and the event became more casual. For the students who experienced Hammerfest, it was one of the best memories from their days at UNB.