ANTH 3624 Eastern Algonquian (Mi’kmaq, Maliseet) Prehistory and ethno-history of the native peoples of the Atlantic region. Religion, folklore, social organization and linguistics are emphasized
ANTH 3662 Canada's First Nations An overview of the social and cultural research on Aboriginal North America, with particular reference to Canada's First Nations. Some exploration or research into origins, and the peopling of North America will be followed by a detailed examination of traditional Aboriginal ways of living and their current administration. The effects of the fur trade, missions, settlement, and government policies will be assessed.
ED 4686 Teaching the Aboriginal Learner Focuses on teaching and learning strategies and curriculum planning, with an emphasis on successful classroom practices in Aboriginal education
POLS 3292 Self-Government and Aboriginal Community A systematic analysis of the principles, structures and institutions of traditional and contemporary Indian self-government in Canada