First Nations Education

ABRG 3688 Contemporary Canadian First Nations Children's Literature Books for primary and elementary children written by Canadian First Nations authors. Examines the Native voice in Native and non-native worlds in relation to traditional beliefs and current cultural concerns.
ED 3022 First Nations Epistemology Development of personal and social identity among children in First Nations communities. Implications for classroom practice.
ED 3043 First Nations Education Traditional First Nations pedagogy and concepts of education in comparison with those which have shaped formal schooling. Roles and responsibilities of schools, teachers, and communities in educating First Nations students. 
ED 4686 Teaching the First Nations Learner Teaching methods, learning strategies, program planning, with emphasis on a particular learning level.
ED 4688 Teaching First Nations Children's Literature Examines the philosophy and process of teaching First Nations Literature in an integrated curriculum for primary and elementary children. Includes practical classroom experience. 
ED 5162 Integrated Curriculum for the First Nations Learner Culture-based education: design, development, and implementation. Appropriate evaluation and assessment.
ED 5683 First Nations Education Seminar Historical trends and contemporary issues in classroom practice and curriculum development.
ED 5684 The Anthropology of Knowledge Education is quintessentially a cultural matter. No matter what the context – be it in the formal education systems found around the world, or the many informal ways of passing on skills, knowledge, position, prestige and power – education is about culture. A systematic comparison of learning institutions and practices in a range of different cultural settings reveals a lot about our own understandings of teaching, learning and the management of knowledge as well as those from other cultures. Restricted to upper level students, or the permission of the instructor.
ED 5685 Teaching First Nations Language Identifies and examines the development of Mi’kmaq-Maliseet literacies’ concepts and the relationships with language that define First Nations literacy in primary and elementary children.