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The mandate of the MMFC is to undertake activities that will contribute broadly to the elimination of family violence from our society.  The MMFC provides a regional and a national focus for academic research in the field of family violence and actively seeks the participation of researchers from across the country in carrying out its mandate.

Definition of Family Violence

The definition of the term “family violence” used by the MMFC is: “Family” refers to a grouping of individuals who are related by affection, kinship, and/or dependency and/or trust.  “Family violence” is defined to encompass the abuse of children, youths, elderly persons, disabled persons or a partner in a family grouping as defined above.  It can take the form of intimidation, deprivation and/or financial exploitation as well as emotional and sexual abuse and physical assault.

Research Mandate

  • Collaboration among university-based researchers, policy makers, service providers and representatives of groups interested in family violence and violence against women;
  • Action-oriented research that focuses on projects with joint goals of research, service and policy innovation.

MMFC Objectives

  • Conduct and encourage practice and policy-relevant research in the areas of family violence and violence against women;
  • Provide educational input to various community constituencies and students with regard to the development of research skills;
  • Focus on the dissemination of research findings to various target groups to influence their policies or practices.

The research agenda of the MMFC is continually evolving. Therefore, the MMFC always welcomes suggestions for new research projects.  Individuals or groups who are interested in conducting research under the auspices of the MMFC are encouraged to contact the Director or Associate Director.

"To view the MMFC'S Strategic Priorities 2016-2021 click here. A copy of the Strategic Planning Working Committee Report is available upon request."

Conducting Research at the MMFC

  • Research team of the MMFC: A research team of the MMFC is comprised of a group of both academic and community members with an interest in research on family violence and/or violence against women and children.
  • Research project of the MMFC: Research projects of the MMFC are conducted under the leadership of the Director or Associate Director or someone designated by the Director.
  • Research project affiliated with the MMFC:  Research projects affiliated with the MMFC can be led by one researcher or a group of people with an interest in research on family violence and/or violence against women and children.

For more information on research at the MMFC, please view our Research Policy Document: