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Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity

Join the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity

Membership in the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity allows researchers and post-graduate students across academic disciplines to delve into pioneering cybersecurity research. Industry and government can receive hands-on support from Canada’s top cybersecurity researchers while contributing to the development of industry-leading cybersecurity technology.

Academic membership

This no-cost membership is available to researchers at the University of New Brunswick; post-graduate students and researchers across Canada; and, in some cases, to professionals in academia, industry and government.

Three levels of academic memberships are available:


This membership is available to researchers at the University of New Brunswick who are actively involved in cybersecurity research and development.


Affiliate membership is available to any researchers or postgraduate students in Canada with an interest in doing research and development in the area of cybersecurity. There is no membership fee, but the member must actively engage in the institute’s R&D activities to maintain the membership.


This membership is awarded in exceptional circumstances to professionals at the highest level in academia, industry and government.

Corporate membership

This fee-based membership is available to industry, public institutions and government departments. The members receive essential services from CIC aimed at increasing their capability and potential for dealing with cybersecurity issues and/or developing cybersecurity solutions.

Three levels of corporate memberships are available:

Supporting member

Designed to provide companies with resources and consulting services for resolving some important cybersecurity issues. The supporting members will receive an average of four hours per month (a total of 48 hours per year) exclusive, company-specific, strategic advisory and consulting services for resolving potential cybersecurity questions and issues. The membership fee is $5,000 per year.

Strategic member

Available to companies that have an ongoing cyber presence, continuously dealing with cybersecurity challenges, and facing potential cybersecurity threats. The strategic members will receive an average of 15 hours per month of exclusive, company specific hands-on technical support to maintain a robust cyberspace presence, detect and prevent potential attacks and information loss. CIC will assign a cybersecurity expert to each member. The membership fee is $30,000 per year.

R&D partners

A partnership between CIC and industry to carry out continuous R&D in the field of cybersecurity. It is available to companies with in-house security solutions to deal with on-going and high-volume cybersecurity issues, or companies that are involved in development of various cybersecurity solutions. The partner members will be assigned 2-3 cybersecurity researchers at the level of master and/or PhD (graduate students and postdoctoral fellows), to provide cross disciplinary consulting and targeted research, design and development of cybersecurity technologies. The membership fee is $100,000 per year.

All members will be able to:

  • Access security standards and technological resources;
  • Receive CIC’s cybersecurity news;
  • Participate in workshops and training;
  • Request for solution/technology specific training;
  • Participate in CIC’s research
  • Take part in CIC’s annual networking workshop; and
  • Access talents (undergraduate and graduate students) who may meet their workforce requirements.