When setting out to create a video there are many considerations to keep in mind.  For example what do you intend to do with the final footage.  You also have to determine what your priorities are.  Cost vs. quality, how much time do you need and for what purpose is the video to be used. Also, the procedure may vary depending on whether you are working from the Saint John campus or Fredericton.


The Centre for Enhanced Teaching & Learning can help you decide what method will work best for you:

•    Self-service - you can borrow equipment from CETL to create your own videos.  Trained staff are always here to help you complete the project.  There is no cost to borrowing equipment - all you need is enthusiasm!
•    Assisted - we have student videographers available who you can hire to video tape your project...contact CETL for current pricing
•    Media Production - if you are looking for competitively priced professional project management, you can hire the Creative Services team.  We bring creativity and innovation, from start to finish!  Please contact Media Production for a quote.

1. Where do I borrow video equipment?
Depending on the recording method you choose, you can borrow equipment at CETL's Media Lab.  There is no charge associated with borrowing equipment.

2. Where do I get training on equipment I borrow?
Depending on your equipment requirements you can borrow equipment from the Media Lab and/or Equipment Pool.

3. Do I have to worry about copyright and privacy issues?
Video filming and usage questions fit under the official Photography Policy, which provides guidelines for capturing images, permission, privacy, usage and archiving.  You should also be familiar with the UNB Copyright Policies.
4. Is it okay to videotape a guest lecturer? 
Yes, however, you must have the guest lecturer sign a Release Form.  It is also good practice to inform your students when you plan to film a class.  You may want to consider posting a note, similar to the following, on your Desire2Learn course or your syllabus, etc.

Sample: The next two classes will be video-recorded and posted to a secure link on Desire2Learn for students who wish to review material again after class and to accommodate those with Accessibility concerns.  These will generally be available within 24 hours after lecture and your instructor will provide a link for you to access them via Desire2Learn.  Since the lectures are recorded for you, we ask that you do not make additional recordings of any kind unless you have the specific permission of the instructor.  These LectureCasts will focus primarily on the instruction and presentation screen and will only be available to your fellow classmates.  However, should you have any concerns about the recording of lectures, please do not hesitate to speak to your instructor.

5. What do I do with my footage?  Can I edit my footage?
Bring your camera to Media Lab, for assistance in downloading and editing your footage, using our facilities and equipment...

6. What are my options for delivering my video?
•    Media Lab staff can help you create a digital file (dvd, .mov, .avi, etc.)

•    You can upload your footage to our secure video streaming server via the video upload form.

•    If your video has no copyright or intellectual property issues, you can share it with the world on UNB's YouTube Channel.  Contact David Shipley for more information.

For more details on the workflow for creating videos as class projects, see our Guide for Instructors (PDF).

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