Using your UCard

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Caring for your UCard

What's inside your UCard?

  • Electronic chip
  • Antenna
  • Magnetic stripe

These awesome technologies allow you to purchase items or access secure areas simply by tapping or swiping your UCard.

So, please take care of your UCard. If you need to replace it, it will cost you $15.00.


  • Punch a hole in it
  • Bend it
  • Wash, scratch or write on it 
  • Lend it to anyone

UCard Services

Your UCard gives you:

  • Purchases using UCard Cash
  • Printing (UNB)
  • Access to Student Health Services
  • Meal plans
  • Access to secure areas
  • Library services
  • Access to gym facilities
  • Entrance to events
  • Discounts
  • And more!