UCard Cash vs Meal Plan Cash

Your UCard Cash carries over from year to year so you don’t have to worry about it expiring at the end of the semester. Save it for next year for printing, snacks, or even textbooks at the UNB Bookstore.

Do you have excess Meal Plan Cash? Spend it before the school year ends! Your remaining Meal Plan cash WILL expire and does NOT transfer from year to year. Spend it while you have it! Your Meal Plan Cash is only good until the last day of exams.

Know the difference between Meal Plan Cash and UCard Cash

Meal Plan Cash is only accepted at Cafés and Meal Halls on campus, including Tim Horton’s in the SUB, and saves you from paying taxes, while your UCard Cash is also accepted at Cafes, Meal Halls, and Tim Horton’s, but does not save you taxes.

The difference is that UCard Cash can also be used for printing, as well as at the Campus Convenience Store, UNB Bookstore, Booster Juice,  and even Smokes Poutinerie downtown Fredericton on York St. Check out the full list of locations you can use your UCard Cash.