Lost or stolen UCard?

Block of ice containing UCard

  1. The first thing you need to do is Freeze Your UCard:
  • Log in to UCard Online. Once UCard Online opens, click "Card Services" and then "Deactivate Your UCard".
  • Contact the UNB Card Office to have them freeze your account.

This will freeze the money in your UCard Cash account and Fredericton Meal Plans (Saint John and St. Thomas University Meal Plans will NOT deactivate). All other UCard services (library, gym, secure access, etc.) are not frozen until you purchase a replacement card.

   2. Next, find your UCard or get a replacement UCard:

  • Go to the UNB Card Office (Fredericton) or the Security & Traffic Office (Saint John).
  • A $15 card replacement fee will apply to students.
  • Getting a replacement card will completely deactivate everything that was on your lost card (except Saint John and St. Thomas University Meal Plans).

Did you find your lost UCard and haven't replaced it yet?

If you have found your lost UCard:

  • Go to UCard Online and under "Card Services", click "Reactivate Your UCard"
  • Contact the UNB Card Office to have your UCard reactivated.

Your deactivated UCard services will resume immediately and you can start using it again...but only if it wasn't replaced with a new UCard. If you have replaced it, you cannot reactivate the found card again so you might as well cut it up or throw it in your scrapbook. 

You are responsible for all use of your UCard until the card has been deactivated.