The following updates and restates the procedures approved by Fredericton Senate, 4 November 1975, and 30 June 1976.

       a) Three months or less; no consultation required.

       b) More than three months; where it is not considered feasible to follow the selection procedures which apply to full-term appointments, the following procedures for acting appointments of academic administrators may be used:

   1. Acting Vice-President Fredericton (Academic), or Dean of Students, Dean of Residence, University Secretary or University Registrar

  • President consults Fredericton Senate.

   2. Acting Vice-President (Saint John)

  • President consults Saint John Senate.

   3. Acting Dean of Faculty 

  • Vice-President Fredericton (Academic) or Vice-President (Saint John), as appropriate, convenes and chairs a meeting of all available members of the Faculty Council.

   4. Acting Dean (In Faculties Having Associate Deans)

  • When a vacancy occurs in the office of Dean and a replacement has not been appointed through the normal search process or when the Dean is unavailable because of leave or other reasons, the Associate Dean shall be appointed Acting-Dean. Such Acting appointment shall not exceed one year; where there are two or more Associate Deans, the President shall establish an order of seniority among them for this purpose. The process shall also apply to the office of Director of Libraries ( Fredericton ) where the Associate Director of Libraries would be appointed Acting-Director.

    5. Acting Associate Dean of Faculty

  • The Dean convenes and chairs a meeting of all available members of the Faculty Council.

   6. Acting Dean or Acting Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies

  • as #3 and #5, substitute "Executive Committee of School" for "Faculty Council".

  7. Acting Chairs of Departments/Divisions, Acting Director of School within a Faculty

  • The Dean of the Faculty convenes and chairs a meeting of all available faculty members within the unit.

   8. Other Acting Appointments

  • Where the need for an acting appointment arises, and no procedures are specified, appropriate consultation should take place with the main constituency involved.

Notification of Meetings and Consultation


All of the meetings referred to above are called by written notification, at least one week in advance, stating the purpose of the meeting.


Conduct of the Meeting for Consultation


The Chair of the meeting informs those assembled of the reason for the acting appointment and then solicits advice or recommendations on possible nominees who would be acceptable to the academic constituency concerned.


It is the responsibility of the meeting Chair (when someone other than the President) to provide the President with a list of nominees including any dissenting opinion so that the President may be cognizant of all relevant facts prior to making the acting appointment.




The President informs the appropriate constituency of the decision concerning the acting appointment, which must be reported to, and confirmed by, the Board of Governors.