Student Standing and Promotions Committee

Membership 2018-2019

(3-year terms, term expiring 30 June of year in brackets)

Name and Term Expiry
(Primary Members)
Position / ConstituencyName and Term Expiry
(Alternate Members)
Shawna Bergin (non-voting on appeals) [e-o] Registrar (UNBF)
Wahkuna Lisik (non-voting on appeals) [e-o] Acting Registrar (UNBSJ)
Wilfred Langmaid (non-voting on appeals) [e-o] Director of Student Affairs and Services or designate (UNBF)
Sheldon MacLeod (non-voting on appeals) [e-o] Director of Student Services (UNBSJ)
Mary Beth Nicholson (Recording Secretary) (non-voting) [e-o] Associate Registrar (UNBF)
4 Alternates to Share Arts Triny Finlay/Amy Scott/Sean Kennedy/Chirstine Horne (2020)
TBA (2021) Business Administration TBA (2021)
Gerhard Dueck (2019) Computer Science Przemyslaw Pochec (2021)
TBA (2021) Education Katherine Winslow (2019)
Phil Garland (2019) Engineering One of: Brian Lowry (2020)/ TBA (2021)
Yolanda Spithoven (2021) Forestry Tommi Linnansaari (2021)
Fred Mason (2019)  Kinesiology Ken Seaman (2019)
Hilary Young  (2016) Law David Bell (2019) (Senator)
Kelly Scott-Storey (2019) Nursing One of: Nancy Doiron-Maillet (2019)/Dawn Burke (2019)
Sarah King (2021) Renaissance College Mira Bachvarova (2021)
Bruce Benton (2020) (Chair)  Science One of: Larry Calhoun (2021)/Kelly Miles (2020))
Heather Sears (2019)  School of Graduate Studies John Kershaw (2019)



Six students to share two positions

Undergraduate Student TBA (2019)
Undergraduate Student TBA (2019)
Undergraduate Student TBA (2019)
Undergraduate Student TBA (2019)
Undergraduate Student TBA (2019)
Undergraduate Student TBA (2019)
Kimerly Ann Chenie (2019) Graduate Student TBA (2019)
Dann Downes (2019) (Senator) Arts June Madeley (2020)
Greg Fleet (2021)(Senator)  Business Dan Doiron (2021) (Senator)
Lisa Best (2020) (Senator) SASE Anton Feicht (2019)
TBA (2021) Undergraduate Student TBA (2021)

(a) Terms of Reference 

(revised by F. Senate, 19 September 1995; revised by F and SJ Senates September 2001; revised by F. Senate, May 27, 2003, September 23, 2003, September 2004, and F and SJ Senates September 2006 nd 15 January 2007; revised by F Senate September 2008.)

The Committee will:

  1. advise the Registrar, and Senates through the Academic Policy and Procedures Committees, concerning policies, regulations and procedures governing student standing and promotions as found in the undergraduate, Law and graduate calendars, other than admissions, transfer credits, matters relating to graduate studies such as research and thesis approval; disciplinary matters and University policy; and assist in their interpretation and application in specific cases;
  2. examine periodically student standings and promotions regulations and procedures, proposing modifications to them whenever it deems necessary, and making recommendations to Senates, through the Academic Policy and Procedures Committee, concerning proposed changes;
  3. on the Fredericton campus, hear appeals on academic matters other than admissions or transfer credits, including final appeals (subject to the Senate approved Academic Appeals Procedure and to Notes below).


  1. Fredericton campus admission appeals will be head by the Admissions Committee, and other appeals will be heard by the Student Standings and Promotions Committee (minus the SJ members).
  2. Appeals by Saint John campus students will be heard by the Student Appeals Committee.

(b) Membership (24)

  • Ex-Officio
    • Registrar (F) (non-voting on appeals)
    • Registrar (SJ) (non-voting on appeals)
    • Director of Student Affairs & services or designate (F) (non-voting on appeals)
    • Director of Student Services (SJ) (non-voting on appeals)
    • Assistant to Registrar (F) - Recording Secretary (non-voting) 
  • 12 Fredericton Senate appointees recommended by the Senate Nominating Committee to include: one from each Faculty, Renaissance College and the School of Graduate Studies. Senate Appointees to include at least one Senator. (Plus 11 alternates, one from each Faculty and Renaissance College. Faculties may designate a pool of Alternates, usually the members of the Faculty SS&P sub committee, one of whom may serve as Alternate in place of the regular Faculty appointee for a specific SS&P meeting.)
  • 3 Saint John Senate appointees including 1 from each Faculty.
    •  Senate appointees to include at least one Senator. (Plus 3 alternates, one from each Faculty.)
    • 4 Students (voting except for purposes in relation to determination of examination results and the award of degrees, certificates, and diplomas in course) and their alternates to include:
      • 2 Fredericton Undergraduate being ant two (2) of a pool of six (6) including alternates
      • 1 Saint John Undergraduate
      • 1 Graduate  

(c) Chair 

A Senator elected annually from and by the members of committee.

(d) Meetings

Every third meeting of the common committee will be held in SJ.


When sitting as a common committee, at least half of the voting members; when sitting as a Fredericton campus appeals committee, the Chair plus any five voting members, at least three of whom must be faculty members.

Reports to Senate