Honorary Degrees Committee

(As revised by S. Senate September 2001)

Membership 2018-2019

Name & Term Expiry Position
Robert MacKinnon* (2019) (Senator) - Chair Vice-President (Saint John)
Greg Marquis (2020) (Senator) Faculty of Arts
Dan Doiron (2019) (Senator) Faculty of Business
Lucy Wilson (Dec 31 2019)  Faculty of SASE
Jill Jollineau (2020) (Senator) Senate Alumni Representative
Sarah DeVarenne (non-voting) Secretary
* Serving as the Senate Representative on the University Honorary Degrees Committee.

(a)Terms of Reference

  • Solicit, initiate, receive and review Honorary Degree nominations from members of the University community and from other interested persons.

  • Evaluate all nominations objectively, in the light of the criteria espoused by the University Honorary Degrees Committee and set out under Section #12 of the "Honorary Degrees Policy and Procedure (approved March 2005, revised 16 May 2011)", cited in this Handbook.

  • Recommend to the University Honorary Degrees Committee candidates for Honorary Degrees to be awarded on the Saint John Campus.

  • Review periodically the criteria for the awarding of Honorary Degrees, and to make recommendations to the Board and Senate as necessary.

  • Provide an annual report to the Senate on the Committee's procedures and activities.  

(b) Membership

Membership: (6)          Voting Members: (5)      Quorum:  (3 voting members)


Saint John Senate Secretary or designate - Secretary (non-voting)


Five (5) Senate appointees recommended by the Senate Nominating Committee (at least two (2) of whom shall be Senators and one (1) of whom shall be the Saint John Senate's appointee to the University Honorary Degrees Committee)

(c) Chair

A Senator appointed by Senate on the recommendation of the Senate Nominating Committee.

Reports to Senate