Senate Curriculum Committee

Membership 2018-2019

Wahkuna Lisik (Senator) Acting Registrar (SJ) or designate (e/o)
TBA (non-voting) Associate Registrar (SJ) or designate - Secretary (non-voting)
Laurelle LeVert (Senator) Director, Information  Services & Systems (SJ) or designated Librarian
 (e/o) (non-voting)
Michel Couturier (non-voting) Chair, Fredericton Curriculum Committee (e/o) (non-voting)
June Madeley Chair, Arts Curriculum Committee
Greg Fleet (Senator) - Chair Chair, Faculty of Business Curriculum Committee
Rebecca McKay Chair, SASE Curriculum Committee
Leslie Jeffrey (2019) (Senator) Arts
Mostaq Hussain (Dec 31, 2019)  Business
Andrea Burgess (2021) SASE
TBA (2019) Primary Undergraduate Student
TBA (2019) Alternate Undergraduate Student

(a) Terms of Reference

(As revised by SJ Senate Oct 2004,Sep 2005, Sep 2006, Sept 17, 2008)

The Committee will:

  • make recommendations to Faculty Councils and Senate about new courses, programs and program regulations, and changes to existing courses, programs, and program regulations, submitted to it by Faculties;

  • ensure that Senate is provided with all the information (including resource requirements) necessary to make informed decisions on recommendations submitted to them by the Committee;

  • carry out such reviews or other curriculum-related activities as Senate requests it to carry out, and report on any such activities to Senate;

  • the Secretary to the Curriculum Committee to ensure the timely and effective exchange of information between the Curriculum Committee of the two Senates and to establish mechanisms for the exchange of information with selected Faculty Councils on the Fredericton campus upon request.

(b) Membership

Membership: (11);   Voting Members (8);   Quorum: (5 voting members)

Ex-Officio: (non-voting except where noted)
Registrar or designate (SJ) (voting)
Assoc. Registrar or designate- Secretary  (non voting)  
Director, Information Services & Systems (SJ) or a designated Librarian (non voting)
Chair of Fredericton Curriculum Committee  (non voting)
Chair of the Arts Faculty Curriculum Committee (voting)
Chair of the Science, Applied Science & Engineering Faculty Curriculum Committee (voting)
Chair of the Business Faculty of Business Curriculum Committee (voting)

Appointed: (on the recommendation of the Senate Nominating Committee)
1 other member appointed from each of the 3 Faculties  (voting)
1 Student recommended by the Student Representative Council to the Senate Nominating Committee. Plus, one (1) alternate student member. (voting)

(c) Chair:

The Chair is appointed by Senate on the recommendation of the Senate Nominating Committee. Normally, the Chair shall be appointed for a three year term, shall alternate among Faculties, rotating to a new Faculty at the end of each three-year term, and shall be one of the two representatives from each Faculty.

Reports to Senate


Guidelines for Scheduling of Senate Curriculum Meetings (approved 27 May 2003)

Changes and additions to the curriculum will be reviewed by the Senate Curriculum Committee prior to consideration by the Senate and following approval at the Discipline, Departmental and Faculty levels. Cooperation and coordination is required of all parties.

The Senate Curriculum Committee will meet throughout the academic year (September -May) as may be necessary to deal with curriculum proposals recommended from the Faculties, and normally will meet within three weeks of the receipt of a curriculum proposal. All Faculty curriculum submissions should be in hard copy supported by electronic files and directed to the Associate Registrar (Student Records), Secretary to the Committee and to the Chair of the Senate Curriculum Committee.
The Chair of the Committee, in consultation with the members, and the editor of the Undergraduate Calendar, will, in September of each year, schedule at least four regular meetings of the Committee, with at least two in each of the fall and winter terms, and will inform the Deans, Chairs of the Faculty Curriculum Committees and Senators of the schedule. Deadlines for inclusion of new or revised calendar copy in the printed edition of the Undergraduate Calendar may influence the scheduling of Curriculum Committee meetings.
Faculties are expected to coordinate their consideration and submission of curriculum proposals to meet the schedule of regular Senate Curriculum Committee meetings. If some Faculty submissions require meetings of the Senate Curriculum Committee additional to those scheduled, the Chair of the Faculty Curriculum Committee should inform the Chair of the Senate Curriculum Committee as soon as the likelihood of such exceptional submission is known and request that such meetings take place in a timely fashion.
A notice of meeting, agenda and materials for a regular meeting of the Committee normally will be circulated by the Secretary to the Committee so as to be in the hands of members at least seven (7) days before the meeting, and for an additional meeting, so as to be in the hands of members at least three (3) days before the meeting.”