Academic Planning & Resources Committee

Membership 2018-2019

Name Position
Robert MacKinnon (Senator) Vice-President Saint John (chair)
George MacLean (Senator) Vice-President (Academic) Fredericton (non voting)
Sarah DeVarenne Secretary (non-voting)
Laurelle LeVert (Senator) Associate Vice-Presient (Saint John)
Dann Downes (Senator) Acting Dean of Arts
Fazley Siddiq (Senator) Dean of Business
Michael Van Zyll De Jong (Senator) Dean of SASE
Jim Keiffer (Senator) Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
Lesley Balcom (Senator) Dean of Libraries
Greg Fleet (Senator) Asst Dean, Faculty of Business
Shelley Rinehart  Director Graduate Business Program
Lisa Best Chair, Psychology
TBA Acting Chair, Social Science
Remy Rochette Chair, Biology
Cathy O'Brien-Larivee (Senator) Chair, Nursing & Health Sciences
Debra Lindsay Chair, History & Politics
Li-Hong Xu  Chair, Physics (Designate)
Tim Alderson (Senator) Chair, Mathematics and Statistics 
Sarah Maier Acting Chair, Humanities & Languages
Chris Baker Chair, Computer Science 
Perry Riley Chair, Engineering
Greg Fleet Chairs Senate Curriculum Committee (non voting)
TBA Undergraduate Student - primary/Alternate
Lauren Rowsey/Waheeda Ali (2019) Graduate Student - primary/alternate


(a) Terms of Reference

(As revised by S. Senate Oct 2004, Sep 2005, Sep 2006, Sept 17, 2008)

The Committee will:

  • consider and develop long-term and mid-term objectives, policies, plans, and resource implications for academic programs for presentation to Senate;

  • advise Senate on the resource implications and relative priorities of all new programs or revisions to existing programs (where Senate considers that such revisions have significant resource implications);

  • conduct reviews of existing programs where appropriate;

  • consider and recommend upon physical facilities matters affecting mid- to long-term University development.

(b) Membership

Membership: (24)        Voting Members: (21)          Quorum:  (11 Voting Members)    


Vice-President (SJ) - Chair
Vice-President Fredericton (Academic) non-voting
Secretary, SJ Senate - Secretary non-voting
Dean of Arts
Dean of Business
Dean of Science, Applied Science & Engineering
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (SJ)
Director, Information Services and Systems
Assistant Dean, Faculty of Business
Director, Graduate Business Program
Chairs of all Academic Departments, or designates
Chair of the Senate Curriculum Committee (non-voting)


Two (2) Students (one (1) undergraduate student recommended to the Senate Nominating Committee by the Student Representative Council, one (1) graduate student recommended to the Senate Nominating Committee by the Graduate Student Association.) Plus, two (2) alternate student members.

Note: Of the Chairs and Directors, at least two (2) must be Senators. In the event this is not the case, one (1) or two (2) additional Senators, as necessary, will be appointed on the recommendation of the Senate Nominating Committee.

(c) Chair

Chair:  Vice-President (Saint John)

Reports to Senate