Undergraduate Scholarships Committee

Membership:  2018-2019

(3-year terms, term expiring 30 June of year in brackets)

Name and Term ExpiryPosition / Constituency
Mark Walma [e-o] Executive Director of Student Affairs and Services (UNBF)
Sheldon MacLeod (Senator) [e-o] Director of Student Services (UNBSJ)
Vicki Sparkes [e-o] Director, Undergraduate Award Officer (non-voting) (UNBF)
Shelley Perry Associate Registrar, Admissions (non-voting) (UNBF)
Shelley Clayton [e-o] Director of Financial Aid (non-voting) (UNBF)
Renea Leskie [e-o] Financial Aid and Awards Advisor (non-voting) (UNBSJ)
Shawna Bergin (Senator) [e-o] Registrar (non-voting) (UNBF)
Wahkuna Lisik [e-o] Registrar or Designate (non-voting) (UNBSJ)
JP Lewis (2019) Arts (UNBSJ)
Greg Fleet (2019) Business (UNBSJ)
Liwen Zou (2018) Science, Applied Science & Engineering (UNBSJ)
Lisa Todd (2020) (History) Arts (UNBF)
TBA (2021) Business Administration (UNBF)
Michael Fleming (2020) Computer Science (UNBF)
John Grant McLoughlin (2020) Education (UNBF)
Gobinda Saha (2021) (ECE) Engineering (UNBF)
Jasen Golding (2020) Forestry (UNBF)
Charlene Shannon-McCallum (2019) Kinesiology (UNBF)
David Bell (2019) Law (UNBF)
Kelly Day (2019) Nursing (UNBF)
Mira Bachvarova (2021) (Senator) Renaissance College (UNBF)
Dion Durnford (2019) Science (UNBF)
TBA (2019)  Student (UNBF)
TBA (2019) Student (UNBF)
TBA (2019) Alternate Student (UNBF)
TBA (2019) Alternate Student (UNBF)
TBA (2019) Student (UNBSJ)
TBA (2019) Alternate Student (UNBSJ)

(a) Terms of Reference

(revised by F. Senate November 1995; F. & S.J. Senates September 2001 and F. Senate May 2004 and September 2004; S Senate September 2005 and September 2006)

  1. after consultation with the Faculties where appropriate, advise Senates on general policy concerning the administration of scholarships and bursaries awarded through the Undergraduate Awards Office;
  2. advise Senates on the establishment of scholarships, bursaries, prizes provided to undergraduate students;
  3. provide advice when requested on the awarding of medals, prizes and similar awards, although the Registrar retain responsibilities of awarding them annually;
  4. report annually to the Senates on the allocation and acceptance of scholarships and bursaries administrated by the Undergraduate Awards Office.

(b) Membership (25)

  • Ex-Officio:
    • Director of Student Affairs and Services (F)
    • Assistant Registrar, Undergraduate Awards Officer (F) (non-voting)
    • Associate Registrar, Admissions (F) (non-voting)
    • Director of Financial Aid (non-voting)
    • Registrar (F) (non-voting)
    • Registrar (SJ) or designate (non-voting)
    • Director of Student Services (SJ)
    • Financial Aid and Awards Advisor (SJ) (non-voting)
  • 11 Fredericton Faculty members appointed by Fredericton Senate on the recommendation of the Senate Nominating Committee including:
    • 1 from each Faculty and Renaissance College, at least 1 of whom shall be a Senator.
  •  3 Saint John Faculty members appointed by Saint John Senate on the recommendation of the Senate Nominating Committee including:
    • 1 from each Faculty, at least 1 of whom shall be a Senator.
  • 3 Students including:
    • 2 Fredericton (Undergraduate or Graduate) and their alternates
    • 1 Saint John (Undergraduate or Graduate). Plus one (1) alternate student member.

(c) Chair

The Chair, who shall be a Senator, is to be elected annually from and by the members of the Committee.

(d) Meetings

Every fourth meeting shall be held in Saint John

(e) Quorum

Quorum shall be 6 voting members and shall include at least one voting member from each campus.

 Voting procedure for Senate Undergraduate Scholarship Committee

(approved by the Saint John Senate, Sep. 22, 2004)

Voting Procedure

With the advancement of technology, the Senate Undergraduate Scholarship Committee would you like to expedite matters of minimal concern, such as scholarship descriptions, through the use of email. The Committee has adopted the following procedure on E-mail Ballots.

E-Mail Ballots

E-mail ballots may be conducted to finalize business already discussed and given a general indication of assent by the Committee, OR to deal with urgent matters of business that require a decision before the next scheduled meeting of the Committee. The Committee at a regular meeting or the Chair of the Committee may approve the use of an e-mail ballot for a particular matter.

The secretary of the Committee shall e-mail each voting member of the Committee with the wording of the resolution to be decided. Full documentation, if not previously provided to all voting members, shall accompany the e-mail ballot.

The ballot shall contain three options: FOR/ AGAINST/ABSTAIN

For a resolution to be approved by e-mail ballot, a majority of the members eligible to vote must vote FOR the resolution. In determining the number required for a majority, those voting ABSTAIN are excluded from the total of eligible voters.

The decision reached in any e-mail ballot, with the vote count, shall be reported by the secretary at the next meeting of the Committee, and recorded in the Minutes.

Reports to Senate


  • October 2007