Joint Board/ Senate Residence Committee

Membership:  2018-2019

(3-year terms, term expiring 30 June of year in brackets)

Name and Term ExpiryPosition / Constituency
Larry Calhoun (2020) (Senator) Science
Lucia O'Sullivan (2021) (Senator) Arts
TBA (2019) (Senator) Student Senator
TBA (2019) (Senator) Alternate Student Senator

(a) Terms of Reference

(as approved by F. Senate, 13 January 1987 and by the Board of Governors, 29 January 1987)
(as revised by the Board of Governors April 22, 1999 and by Senate May 18, 1999)
(Membership composition revised by Committee November  2001 and F. Senate September 2004)
(revisions approved by Committee April 6, 2009, F Senate 14 September 2010 and BOG 21 Oct 2010)

  1. The Committee may make recommendations to the Board of Governors and to the Fredericton Senate on any matter concerning the residences, including, without restricting the generality for the foregoing, the governance, discipline and academic programs of the residence system;
  2. The Committee may advise the Vice President (Finance and Corporate Services), the Executive Director of Residential Life, campus and Conference Services, and the Vice President Fredericton (Academic), and other persons responsible for the administration of the residences on matters of general policy and administration.

(b) Membership

  • Voting
    • 4 voting members from the Board
    • 3 voting members from Senate (one of which is to be a Student and an alternate)
    • 2 members of the Board of Dons
    • 4 members of the Board of Proctors (2 Educational; 2 Hall)
    • 4 members of the Residence Representative Board
    • Executive Director Residential Life, Campus and Conference Services (e-o)
  •  Non-Voting As Consultants:
    • Vice-President Fredericton (Academic), or designate
    • Director Residential Life, or designate
    • Director RLCCS Budgets and Operations, or designate

(c) Chair

Elected by and from the members of the committee

Reports to Senate



  • November 2000