Fredericton Senate Committees

A.          Guidelines

B.          Meetings

C.          Minutes

D.          Activity Reports

E.          Committees Coding

F.          Committees and Committee Chairs

G.          Committee Terms of Reference, Membership and Reports

                       Academic Planning (F)

                       Academic Policy and Procedure (C)

                       Admissions (J)

                       Curriculum (F)

                       Internationalization (F)

Joint Liaison (J)

                       Library (F)

                       Nominating (F)

                       Non-Credit Course (F)

                       Senate Review Committee (F)

                       Student Services (F)

                       Student Standing and Promotions (C)

                       Teaching Awards (C)

                       Teaching Excellence and Policy (C)

                       Technology Services (F)

                       Undergraduate Scholarships (C)

 H.          Other Committees with Fredericton Senate Appointees (F)

                       Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics

                       Bookstore Advisory Committee

                       Budget Advisory Group

                       Campus Recreation Advisory Committee

                       College of Extended Learning Academic Advisory Committee

                       Joint Board / Senate Residence Committee

Research Policies and Procedures Committee

                       UNB Academic Program Review Committee

                       University Honorary Degrees Committee

  I.          Special Purpose Committees

             (For those not listed, please contact the University Secretariat)

                      College of Extended Learning Executive Committee

                      Professor Emeritus Appointments Committee