(A consolidation of structure and terms as revised by the Fredericton Senate, 15 June 1992.  Saint John representation on standing Committees revised 26 May 1992 in accordance with the academic  restructuring of the campus into three (3) Faculties and eight (8) Departments, according to Saint John Senate procedures. Revisions proposed to both Senates, September 2001)


  1. That, normally, the majority of the membership of those Standing committees of Senate which are primarily engaged in policy making, review and planning will be Senators.
  2. That all remaining Standing Committees may be comprised of both Senators and other members of faculty and the University community. 
  3. That sub-committees of Standing Committees of Senate should draw on the expertise, experience and knowledge of the entire University community when being structured to address particular issues.
  4. That a Senator shall chair each Standing Committee of Senate.
  5. Unless specified otherwise in the committee's terms of reference, only Senators shall be appointed to Standing or ad hoc Committees of other structures in the University which call for representation from the Senate.
  6. That appointment to Standing Committees of Senate shall be equitably distributed among all Senators.
  7. That appointments to Standing committees of Senate should reflect the several estates within the Senate proper: elected faculty and librarian members; student representatives; academic deans; and other ex-officio members. 
  8. That constituency membership on Committees of Senate should continue in the case of the Nominating Committee, the Curriculum Committee, the Student Standings & Promotions Committee, Admissions Committee, and the Undergraduate Scholarships Committee. 
    [Note that because of #4, implementation of this recommendation could mean that the Nominating Committee would have to designate the Chair, and a Senator would have to be added to the Committee if necessary.]
  9. That all Standing Committees of Senate shall have a designated Executive Secretary.
  10. That each Committee should report to and advise Senate rather than individual administrators, except Admissions and Student Standings and Promotions (SS&P), which also advise the Registrar[s], and SS&P which advises the Senates through the Academic Policy and Procedures Committee.
  11. That where student positions are not filled by 31st October, the Committee concerned may make student nominations through the Nominating Committee.

The present procedure for inviting volunteers for Committees and subsequent selection and recommendation of members by the Nominating Committee should be continued. [The normal term on Senate is three years.]

MOTION: (Senate, 29 June 1993): "That, where members of Senate Committees are required to be members of Senate, the Nominating Committee will recommend appointment only of members of Senate at the time, and that, once properly appointed as Senators, Committee members will be allowed to complete the normal term of office of the Committee."