University of New Brunswick Act - Discussion Documents

In early 2013 a bi-campus steering committee was established to lead revisions to the University of New Brunswick Act.  The intent of this process is to modernize the Act by decoupling matters that more appropriately belong in by-laws than in legislation.  This will allow the university to make necessary changes without requiring action on the part of the provincial legislature.  A review of the Act also allows the university to consider reshaping its Board of Governors to allow for a smaller, more effective membership.   A draft set of revisions was provided as a starting point for the committee's work.  The mandate of the steering committee is to:

  • advise the university regarding proposed changes to the UNB Act;
  • provide a forum for conversation;
  • build understanding and awareness on our campuses of potential impacts;
  • communicate its findings to the university community.

The members of the committee are as follows:

  • Roxanne Fairweather, Past Chair of the Board of Governors, Chair of the Committee
  • Debra Lindsay, Member appointed by the Saint John Senate (to August 2014)
  • Tom Goud, Member appointed by the Saint John Senate (beginning September 2014)
  • Rod Cooper, Member appointed by the Fredericton Senate
  • Chris Nagle, Member of the Board of Governors
  • David Woolnough, Member of the Board of Governors
  • Sarah DeVarenne, University Secretary (non-voting)

The committee has met a number of times since February 2013, working diligently to gain an understanding of the proposed changes and to develop materials to assist in its understanding and its ability to communicate effectively with the community.  The committee is now seeking feedback, input and advice on the draft discussion documents provided here.  You can submit those by e-mail to by 16 March 2015.  Individuals who wish to have their name and other identifying information removed from their submission prior to it being provided to the UNB Act Review Steering Committee should indicate this preference in their submission.  The Committee looks forward, in the meantime, to having information sessions, as have been held with the Senates in Fredericton and Saint John, with other groups within the University community and with the public. 

Following broad consultations, the committee will review all of the feedback and submit its report and recommendations to the Senates and the Board of Governors.  The committee hopes the university will be in a position to present recommendations to the provincial government in the spring.

UPDATE:  In response to feedback, the Committee has prepared a revised proposal and is requesting further feedback prior to submitting its report to the Senates and the Board in May 2015.  You can submit comments by e-mail to on or before Monday, May 18, 2015.



In support of its work, the Committee has developed a number of supporting documents which are provided to assist in outlining the proposed amendments.  These supporting documents include two tables of concordance, one of which maps the current legislation to what has been proposed in the discussion document and the other which begins from the proposed version and links back to the current legislation.  In addition, the Committee has prepared a few sample by-law documents for illustrative purposes.  The understanding of the Committee is that, should amendments to the legislation be put forward and accepted, there would need to be committees of faculty councils, senates and the board tasked with drafting the by-laws that will be needed by these bodies.  The by-laws would need to be considered for approval in accordance with by-law-making powers as set out in the legislation.



To download the current University of New Brunswick Act, please click here.


Please note: Comments and feedback collected will be used for the purposes of reviewing the proposed draft legislation and will be available to members and administrators of the UNB Act Review Steering Committee.  The information collected may also be disclosed in the committee's final report which will be available to the public.  For more information on the protection of personal information at UNB please consult the University Secretariat, University of New Brunswick, PO Box 4400, Fredericton, NB, E3B 5A3 // (506) 453-4613.

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