Properties Committee Membership

Voting (appointed by the Board): The President, the Board Chair, the Committee Chair and a maximum of 5 Board members.

Voting Advisors:  Individuals (maximum of 3) who are not Board members but who, having an interest and expertise in areas related to the mandate of the Committee, will be invited by the Nominating & Review Committee, on the recommendation of the Chair of the Properties Committee, to attend meetings and provide advise to the Committee.

Non-voting (appointed by the President): Associate Vice-President (Capital Planning and Property Development); Manager of Real Estate and Property Development; Vice-Presidents Academic (Fredericton), Saint John, Research and Administration & Finance; Treasurer (Secretary); and Assistant Vice-President (Financial & Administrative Services).

Membership 2018-2019
President E. Campbell
Chair of the Board of Governors L. Hachey
Committee Chair T. Gribbons
Board Member S. Brittain
Board Member H. Klohn
Board Member N. O'Byrne
Board Member W. Squibb
Advisor S. Wheatley
Associate Vice-President (Capital Planning and Property Development) B. Nicholson
Manager of Real Estate and Property J. Bigger
Vice-President Academic (Fredericton) G. MacLean
Vice-President (Saint John) R. MacKinnon
Vice-President (Research) D. MaGee
Vice-President (Administration & Finance) K. Cunningham
Treasurer (Secretary) J. Morrison
Director (Financial & Administravtive Services) H. Finkle