Investments Committee Membership

Voting: President and 7 other voting member of the Board (to include at least 1 student and 1 faculty member) and up to 4 Advisors as appointed by the Board.

Non-voting:  Vice-President (Administration & Finance); Secretary of the Board (Secretary); University Treasurer; and a Student enrolled in the Student Investment Fund Program within the Centre for Financial Studies.

Chair: Appointed by the Board of Governors upon the recommendation of the Board N&R Committee.

Membership 2018-2019
President E. Campbell                          
Board Member B. Baxter
Board Member (Faculty) N. Betts
Board Member D. Graves-Brown
Board Member T. Gribbons
Board Member (Student) C. Jardine
Board Member P. Morrison (Chair)
Board Member (Alternate Student) TBA
Board Member C. Prosser
Advisor until 2021 C. Boyle
Advisor until 2020 B. Cooper
Advisor until 2021 K. LeBlanc
Advisor until 2020 J. Sinclair
Vice-President (Administration & Finance) K. Cunningham
Secretary of the Board (Secretary) S. DeVarenne
University Treasurer J. Morrison
Student Advisor until 2019 TBA
Observer M. McNeil
Observer B. Skillen
Recording Secretary S. Woodside