Human Resources Committee Membership

Voting: Chair, President and 5 other voting members of the Board.

Non-Voting: Vice-Presidents Academic (Fredericton), Administration & Finance, Research and Saint John, and Associate Vice-President (Human Resources & Organizational Development-Secretary)

Membership 2018-2019
Chair of the Board of Governors L. Hachey
President E. Campbell
Board Member S. Brittain
Board Member J. Hoyt
Board Member N. Mallory
Board Member D. Woolnough (Chair)
Board Member B. Yeates
Vice-President (Research) D. MaGee
Vice-President (Administration & Finance) K. Cunningham
Vice-President (Saint John) R. MacKinnon
Vice-President Academic (Fredericton) G. MacLean
Associate Vice-President (Human Resources & Organizational Development) (Secretary) P. McDougall
Recording Secretary J. Redstone-Lewis