Finance Committee Membership

Voting: Vice-Chair of the Board or designate (Chair), President, not more than 6 voting members of the Board, at least 1 of whom will be a student and at least 1 of whom will be a faculty member, and 1 Advisor (if appointed by the Nominating and Review Committee pursuant to item 6.1).

Non-voting: Vice-Presidents Academic (Fredericton), Administration & Finance, Research and Saint John, Director of University Budgets and Secretary of the Board (Secretary)

Membership 2018-2019
Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors R. Tingley (Chair)
President E. Campbell
Board Member B. Baxter
Board Member (Student) R. Du
Board Member D. Graves-Brown
Board Member (Faculty) V. Husain
Board Member P. Morrison
Board Member (Alternate Student) TBA
Advisor D. O"Brien
Vice-President (Research) D. MaGee
Vice-President (Administration & Finance) K. Cunningham
Vice-President (Saint John) R. MacKinnon
Vice-President Academic (Fredericton) G. MacLean
Secretary of the Board (Secretary) S. DeVarenne
Director of University Budgets M. Warren
Resource Person A. Ferris
Resource Person H. Finkle
Observer M. McNeil
Observer B. Skillen