Audit Committee Membership

Voting: At least 3 and not more than 6 members of the Board, who are not employees of the University (one of whom is to serve as Chair and at least one must be a financial expert, being an individual who is a professional accountant or auditor). The Board may appoint one professional accountant who is not a voting member of the Board of Governors to serve as an advisor to the Committee.

Non-voting: President, Secretary of the Board (Secretary), Vice-President (Administration & Finance), Assistant Vice-President (Financial & Administrative Services) UNBSJ and the University Comptroller. The Director of University Risk Management is a resource person to the Committee.

Membership 2018-2019

Board Member G. Daley
Board Member T. Gribbons
Board Member H. Klohn (Chair)
Board Member C. Prosser
Board Member K. Wilson
Advisor D. Stevenson
President E. Campbell
Secretary of the Board (Secretary) S. DeVarenne
Vice-President (Adminstration & Finance) K. Cunningham
Director (Financial & Administrative Services) UNBSJ H. Finkle
University Comptroller A. Ferris
Associate University Secretary J. Redstone-Lewis
2 Auditors
Director of University Risk Management T. Gonnason