Advancement Committee Membership

Voting: Chair of the Board, President, a Board member whom shall serve as Chair of the Committee, and a maximum of 5 Board members, one of whom shall be a student.

Non-voting: Vice-President (Advancement), the Committee secretary appointed by the President and other officers as determined by the President.

Advisors are non-voting, and are not Board members, but who, from time to time are invited by the Committee Chair to attend meetings to provide advice.

Membership 2018-2019
Chair of The Board of Governors L. Hachey
President E. Campbell
Board Member (Alternate Student) C. Jardine
Board Member J. Kieffer
Board Member (Student) S. Palmer
Board Member G. Paul
Board Member P. Reid
Board Member K. Wilson (Vice-Chair)
Board Member B. Yeates (Chair)
Vice-President (Advancement) B. Skillen
Committee Secretary S. Howland