Student Union Building Board - SUB Board

(approved by the Board of Governors 17 April 2003 and revisions by the BOG Executive Committee 20 March 2012)

(a) Membership

Voting: The SUB Board shall be composed of eight (8) voting members:           

  • two (2) appointed by the UNBF Student Union
  • two (2) elected from the UNB full-time undergraduate students on the Fredericton Campus
  • two (2) appointed by the STU Students' Union from among the full-time undergraduate students at St. Thomas University
  • two (2) appointed by the UNB Board of Governors; one (1) representing UNB, one (1) representing STU.

Non-voting: Four (4) ex-officio members:

  • the President, UNBF Student Union
  • the President, STU Students' Union 
  • the Director of the SUB
  • the Executive Director of Residential Life, Campus & Conference Services.

(b) Terms of Reference

The SUB Board shall be responsible for matters of general policy for the Student Union Building including, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, administrative,  budgetary, personnel, planning and operations policies.  Any policy it sets must support the financial and operational viability of the Building and be in accord with the UNB Act, relevant university Collective Agreements, Board of Governors' policies, and Federal and Provincial legislative requirements.

Please see the Constitution and By-laws of the SUB Board of Directors for additional information.