Standing Advisory Committee of Recreation Services - Draft

Formerly known as Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics.
Passed by Faculty Council on October 30, 1991.
Report (for information) received by UNB Senate December 3, 1991 and October 16, 2012.

(a)Terms of Reference

     The Standing Advisory Committee of Recreation Services provides advise to the Dirctor of Recreation Services and the Recreation Services Committee on matters pertinent to policies and procedures.  Without limiting the generality of the above, the committee will advise on matters such as programs and services offered through Recreation Services, current and future needs, interests and trends relevant to Recreation Services.  The intent is to maintain an on-going connection to the current and potential users of the programs and services provided by Recreation Services.

(b) Operations

  • circulate minutes to the Dean of the Faculy and members of the Recreation Services Committee
  • meets at the call of the chair (a minimum of once per year)

(c) Composition

  • chaired by the Dean (ex-officio, non-voting) Assistant to the Dean serves as secretary (non-voting)
  • Student Members

     -  one (1) representative from Intramural Sports

     -  one (1) representative from Sport Clubs

     -  one (1) representative from Residential Life

     -  one (1) representative from UNB Student Union

  • Non-Student Members

     -  one (1) representative from the UNB Senate

     - one (1) representative from the UNB Board of Governors

     -  Director (or designate) of UNB Interuniversity Athletics

     -  one (1) representative from Kinesiology Facility Operations

     -  one (1) representative from UNB Associated Alumni

     -  one (1) representative from Kinesiology Faculty Council

     -  one (1) representative from URec members (community)

     -  one (1) representative from Instructional program participants

     -  Director of Recreation Services (ex-officio, non-voting)