Human Resources Committee

(as amended by the Board of Governors, May 22, 2002, 18 October 2007, 6 December 2012)

(a) Membership


  • Chair, President, and 5 other members of the Board


  • Vice-Presidents

Resource Persons: 

  • Associate Vice-President Human Resources & Organizational Development and University Secretary

Recording Secretary: 

  • Provided by the Office of the University Secretary


(b) Quorum

         Quorum shall be five voting members


(c) Meetings

         The Committee shall meet at least four times per year, according to a schedule set out by the University Secretary.  The Committee shall also meet at the call of the Chair whenever necessary.


(d) Terms of Reference

The Committee is responsible for:

  1. Considering and recommending to the Board University policies in relation to terms and conditions of employment for all employees;
  2. Advising the Board on matters related to collective bargaining as required;
  3. Providing oversight for employee benefits plans and the Academic Employee Pension Plan;
  4. Ensuring that appropriate policies and programs are in place for the recruitment and retention of outstanding employees.