Scholarships & bursaries

Scholarships, bursaries and other awards are available both internally and externally. 

Internally, the University of New Brunswick provides millions in scholarship money each year thanks to donations from generous alumni and other supporters as well as an ongoing commitment to devote university funds for students.  For more information regarding UNB scholarships for full time students, visit the scholarships info page. 

There are also awards for part-time students, who have not been full time within the last 12 months.  All bursaries and scholarships are based on financial need, with scholastic acheivement being secondary.  Click here for the application. 

The UNB Special Bursary is a needs-based undergraduate student bursary valued up to $1,000.  It is available to all undergraduate students regardless of citizenship status who are full-time UNB students with demonstrated financial need and are in good academic standing (minimum 2.0 GPA).  Preference for bursary assistance is given to students that have applied for government student loans.  The 2019-2020 application for those attending UNB Saint John is due on January 17, 2020.  Please visit our forms page to apply.

Promise Partnership Bursaries - students who attended either Hazen White-St. Francis or Lorne Middle School and who participated in the Promise Partnership Program, are encouraged to apply for the Saint John College Development Inc. Bursary and the Deborah A. Chapman Bursary. Hazen White-St. Francis students are also encouraged to apply for the Emera New Brunswick Promise Partnership Bursary. Applications are due annually by April 15th. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more info.

Externally, thousands of organizations provide both scholarships and bursaries to students.  Conducting an award search can be time consuming but, when done right, can yield hundreds of dollars in free money.  That is, money that doesn't have to be repaid.  UNB hosts a database of external awards that you can search through based on deadline date, alphabetical name or category.  It's important that you start your search early so that you do not miss any potential opportunities.