Information for Instructors

Roles and Responsibilities of Instructors

  • Comply with the NB Human Rights 'Duty to Accommodate' legislation.
  • Provide information about our Centre and refer students to us.
  • Review and honour Request for Academic Accommodation forms for individual students.
  • Consult and collaborate with Student Accessibility Centre staff about individual student accommodations and support needs, whenever necessary. 

Duty to Accommodate

Mandate-Our Duty to Accommodate - NB Human Rights Legislation-Duty to Accommodate Schools, including post-secondary institutions, have a duty to accommodate a student with a mental or physical disability to the point of undue hardship.

UNB Undergraduate Calendar General Course Regulations (B.1.F)

Students with disabilities may request reasonable accommodations to enable them to complete academic requirements.

Accommodations Defined

Accommodations are strategies, technologies or adjustments that enable the student to reach prescribed course outcomes and requirements.

  • Accommodations are intended to provide students with disabilities an equal chance to participate and learn in a post-secondary setting.
  • Accommodations never modify or lower academic standards.

Accessible Learning

This site offers practical resources to support UNB Faculty in making university instruction more accessible to students of diverse abilities/disabilities, backgrounds, learning styles and interests. Click here to learn more.