Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

Work as an invigilator 

The Student Accessibility Centre at UNB Saint John is often seeking new invigilators to proctor students' quizzes, tests or exams. An invigilator supervises the writing of an exam and ensures academic integrity during the assessment process. An invigilator can also be responsible for reading or scribing a student’s exam.

This is an excellent opportunity for graduate students who have an undergraduate degree.

For more information about this employment opportunity, email our office at sjaccess@unb.ca 

Volunteer as a peer note-taker  

Many students on our campus have a functional limitation in their ability to take notes, arising from a disability or health condition. Peer note-takers help promote equity by sharing their notes with students who need them. 

An ideal note-taker attends class regularly and makes notes that others can understand. Components of this include spelling, grammar, clarity of ideas and focus during lectures. We typically solicit volunteers by sending an email to the entire class.

The process is anonymous on both ends. The student receiving the notes does not know who sent them (unless the student writes their name on their notes), and the student submitting notes does not know to whom they are being sent.

For more information, email the program coordinator at sjpeernotes@unb.ca