Current Projects

  • Swimming metabolism in shortnose sturgeon
  • Physiology response of Atlantic sturgeon to low oxygen
  • General metabolism of larvae (sturgeon, trout, bullfrogs, green frogs)


I continue to maintain several collaborations and they serve three main roles:

  • To learn new techniques that I can share with my students at UNB
  • To maintain current ties with researchers and to access research opportunities outside of New Brunswick
  • To provide opportunities for UNB students to be exposed to and involved with top environmental scientists within Canada.  Overall, collaborations strengthen all research and study endeavours at UNB, as well as its national and international reputation.


  • NSERC Discover Grant
  • Atlantic Salmon Federation
  • ACOA
  • NBIF
  • CFI
  • Sir James Dunn Research Fund
  • UNB Environmental Research Fund