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Computer science students

Programs offered within our department

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science accredited (BScCS), including:

  • Co-op option
  • Honours option
  • Specializations in Software Engineering and Networking

Bachelor of Information Sciences degree (BISc), including specializations in:

  • Decision and Business Management
  • Decision and Systems Science

Certificate in computer science or data analytics

Degree checklists

Keep your degree checklist as updated as possible to keep track of your progress and to help plan for your upcoming terms.

You should also meet with an advisor to confirm academic plans. The academic calendar is the official source of information regarding degree information and academic issues.

You will complete your degree with the program regulations that were in effect when you were admitted to the degree.

For various reasons, there may be changes and a required course cannot be taken. This can be common if you are completing your studies part-time. In such cases, an advisor can help to seek a dean's permission to adjust your degree requirements. For example, this permission can substitute a course which is being offered for a required course - which is not offered.


Course selection and degree planning

We invite you to contact any faculty member if you have questions on:

  • our four-year accredited Computer Science degree program (BScCS)
  • our four-year Bachelor of Information Sciences degree
  • any of our majors, honours, specializations or certificates in computer science or data analytics

If you are a new or continuing student and require advising, you can book an appointment with your SASE Advisor.

A course substitution form is used when you cannot take a required course, but a faculty advisor can identify an acceptable substitute. You should keep a copy of this form in case the substitution has been forgotten when you are assessed for graduation.

An application for honours or specialization is made if you want to graduate with an honours and/or specialization. This request is ideally made after second year. Unless you do this, the department will not realize that certain courses required for specialization or honours need to be offered. 

Academic information

You must take CS4983, which involves the preparation of a technical report under the supervision of a faculty member. It is important to choose a topic early and understand the structure of the course. If you are taking the honours thesis, CS4983 is not required.

For more information, contact the Department of Computer Science.

Graduate students in computer science or statistics who are interested in studying on the Saint John campus can contact Janet Light at

UNB prizes and scholarships

There several UNB prizes and scholarships that apply to you.

Scholarships offered to students from high school:

  • Professional Quality Assurance Scholarship
  • JDI NB Scholarship ($8,000 per year for four years)

Scholarships for new and continuing students

  • Alleyne Hubbard Memorial Scholarship
  • Rolf Riegger Bursary

Prizes and awards

  • Christopher Cusack Computer Science and Data Analysis Prize
  • Jean Crawford Flemming Memorial Prize
  • Saint John Computer Science Prize
  • Jean Crawford Flemming Memorial Scholarship
  • Computer Science and Applies Statistics Scholarship

Don't hesitate to research and apply for external scholarships and awards.

CS Society

The CS Society is here to make your university experience fun and easy. You can always expect the unexpected from us, whether it's hosting regular game nights or helping students prepare for the next programming competition!

Want to help or have any great ideas to share? Simply contact us with CS-Society in the subject line.