Residence Life team

res life team 2011 From becoming a Residence Assistant (RA) and working in Residence Life, to volunteering your time on the Residence Council, there is always a way to be actively involved in the life of Residence.

The Residence Life Team consists of the core group of individuals that lead you and Residence Life down the road to success. 

It consists of two teams, the RAs and the Residence Council. While both teams serve distinct purposes within residence, they share a common goal and theme to provide a positive atmosphere.

Under the guidance and leadership of the Residence Life Coordinator, the Residence Life Team works throughout the year to provide an atmosphere that is safe, healthy and conducive to a positive living and learning environment that is inclusive for all students.

The Residence Life Coordinator and the Resident Assistants will be your main points of contact to help you throughout the year.

Residence Life Coordinator (RLC)

The RLC is a full time professional staff member who lives in the residence. 

Under their guidance and leadership, he or she is responsible for the administration and management of Residence Life at the University of New Brunswick Saint John, including the RAs, RC, and student leadership & development. They are also responsible for the development, implementation and updating of policies and procedures.

The RLC is also responsible for upholding community living standards and policy enforcement. The RLC is responsible for the operations of the residence communities and student life as well as the supervision and training of the RA's and advises and works with the Residence Council.  

The RLC also develops and implements educational, social and personal growth programs to enhance the overall campus living and learning environment and oversees the safety,security and overall well-being of residence students. He or she also handles issues with students and student's discipline. 

He or she is also there to help with personal, academic and social issues you may be experiencing and can help and/or refer you to the appropriate resources the campus has to offer. 

The RLC lives on campus and acts as a first responder and point of contact when handling crisis and emergency situations, and provides support and guidance for the paraprofessional staff and acts as a liason to other campus resources and staff.

Residence Assistants (RA)

One of the most helpful and rewarding positions within Residence Life is the RA. They are upper yearly student staff hired by the Office of Residence Life.

They are your primary person of contact for anything you may have. An RA is located on each floor in the Mackay Residence and in both A and B buildings of the Dunn Residence. 

RA's are students who have been selected for this position who are enthusiastic about student life, and demonstrate and understanding of the residence system and its rules. 

Trained in first aid and CPR, policy enforcement, roommate mediation, emotional issues (eating disorders, anxiety, grief, etc.) and  suicide intervention, their responsibility is to provide leadership, role-modeling, assistance, guidance, advice and support to you. 

2018-2019 Resident Assistants

  • Drea Forbes – Ground Floor, Mackay
  • Ally Woodman – 1st Floor, Mackay
  • Steve Ryan – 2nd Floor, Mackay
  • Ally Cook – 3rd Floor, Mackay
  • Kelsey Nielsen – A Building, Dunn (Fall Only)
  • Jacob Prosser – A Building, Dunn (Winter Only)
  • Shandraya Grist – B Building 1st Floor, Dunn
  • Kaitlin Casey – B Building 2nd Floor, Dunn

How to contact an RA:

  • Call the cell phone of the RA on duty, 650-4639.
  • If no answer, try to find your floor RA.
  • If this doesn't work, try to find any other RA.

Residence Council

Your Residence Council is made up of a group of enthusiastic students who volunteer their time to make your university and residence experience the best it can be. They are elected by the residents and their task is to organize social activities.  If you have suggestions or would like to be a part of the council, feel free to ask. In many ways they are like your high school or university student council, but for the residence community.

Residence Council Executive consists of the President and Vice-President, who are members of the Residence Life Team. There are also two Social and Marketing Representatives, an Athletics Representative, a Food and Environment Representative, an International Representative and a First Year Representative.