Become an RA

A Resident Assistant (RA) is an integral part of the Residence system and serves as front line support for students.  RAs are selected student leaders who have attended University for at least one academic year, lived in a university residence and who have demonstrated an understanding of Residence Policies, campus resources and events. They are enthusiastic role models and aid in establishing a positive developmental living environment and strive to help students make their UNB experience worthwhile.

RAs have extensive contact with students in the Residence Community and act as liaisons between other Residence Staff and campus community resources for students.  They help create an environment in the residence halls that contributes to the intellectual, social, and cultural development of the members of the residential community

Key responsibilities

Leadership/Role on Residence Life team

RAs must be enthusiastic about living in residence and have a desire and drive to help their peers.  An RA serves as a member of the Residence Life Team, and help to shape community living standards and Residence Life Policy along with other student input.  They speak on a daily basis and regularly attend weekly meetings with the Residence Life Coordinator and serve a role model for other students.

Building community

RAs promote the integration of all aspects of campus life and assist in establishing supportive communities for residence students that create opportunities for residents to meet their own and the University's educational objectives. Advising and programming are two key ways the RA’s work towards establishing community and civic engagement. Clear and frequent communication between the Resident Assistant, the Residence Life Office and the campus community is critical for the success of the residence life program. RAs are required to hold programming initiatives for their floor and/or building that can be active or passive in nature, and are required to do monthly bulletin boards that are geared towards issues affecting their floor or the overall residence community.


As front line staff, RAs play a role in providing support to students.  Hall RAs serve the needs of their floor while Educational RAs serve the academic needs of the general residence community.  Whether you are experiencing academic, emotional or mental problems, or just need someone to talk to in confidence, an RA is available and always just a phone call away any time of day or night!


An important aspect of the RA is ensuring there is good order within the residence community to enable all to have a positive living and learning environment.  By doing rounds and being open and available to students, the RA is not only able to be more aware of what is going on within their floor or residence, but also is able meet students in a social atmosphere.  It may not be the most fun part of the job, but it's necessary; when policies and rules of Residence Life and the University are not followed though, it is the responsibility of the RA to speak to that student, help them understand why what they did was not acceptable and deal with appropriate discipline and fines if necessary

Administrative responsibilities

As an RA, you are a paraprofessional staff member of Residence Life within the Department of Residence & Conference Services at UNB Saint John.  With that, comes certain administrative duties you must fulfill.  From filling out RIF's, fines, key card sign out forms, inputting fines into the computer and completing duty shift reports, all helps to ensure the smooth operation of Residence Life.


As an RA, you will be ultimately accountable for the success of the community within residence.  It is what you make of it.  As a role model you will also be responsible for your actions to a higher extent than regular students.  Although responsible to the Residence Life Coordinator as your supervisor and for training, you will also work closely with other departmental staff.

The process

In mid to end of January, the Residence Life Office will send out via UNB e-mail, notification to all residence students concerning the date when RA Applications will be available.  Students will then usually have one week to complete and submit the application to the Residence Life Office located on the Ground floor of the Mackay Residence, beside the community kitchen.

After applications are due, it usually takes approximately a week (depending on number of applicants) to go over the applications.  Only those who receive and interview will be notified via UNB e-mail of a date and time to conduct it.  From there it will take a few days (depending on number of interviews conducted) to determine acceptance.  Sometimes, two interviews may be required.  There is also the opportunity to apply for an alternate RA position (2).

How to apply

Fill out an application and hand it in to the Residence Life Office.

Residence Council

Much like your high school Student Council, the Residence Council (RC) is responsible for planning and organizing Residence Orientation and all of the social events that happen within the Residence Community at UNB Saint John.  It is a volunteer position.  It consists of seven executive members, elected by the previous years residence population, and committee members at large from the current years residence population (anyone can be on council!).  The executive positions consist of a : President, Vice President, Entertainment Directors (2), Athletics Directors (2) and Fundraising Director.  The residence recycling program is the shared responsibility of the council together.

Responsible to the President and Vice President, the RC work to plan the events that will take place during the school year in Residence, Recycling and Fundraising initiates.  They also appreciate ideas and suggestions from the students at large for events.  The council also acts as role-models and leaders within the Residence community.  The Residence Life Coordinator acts as an advisor to the Council and source of knowledge and information.