Guest policy

The residence in which you live is your home; it is also the home of many others around you.

As such, you may host friends, relatives and other individuals for brief visits in your room or suite.

Guests are also welcome when invited into the residence halls by the staff, residence council or other members of the university in connection with a specific function, tour, official visit, or program.

**Guest refers to anyone who does not live in the room or suite, regardless of whether that person lives in residence.**

Respecting the rights of all the members of your community is paramount to a successful living experience. It is important that the residents of each hall know and respect these simple guidelines:


Residents should be reminded that they are accountable for any guests brought into the residence halls. Should your guest breach any of the rules of the residence or of the University of New Brunswick, as outlined in the appropriate disciplinary codes and Residence Life Handbook, you will be held accountable. You will also be held accountable for any individual(s) whom your guest(s) allow to enter the residence halls. It is imperative to the safety of our community that we do not allow strangers into the buildings.


Don't hesitate to ask unescorted visitors for identification. Unauthorized visitors should be asked politely and promptly to return to the entry intercoms to call the resident they are coming to visit. If visitors refuse to comply, get a description and contact an RA.  If you feel uncomfortable approaching someone, just call the RA.


Each host must have the permission of their roommate (if applicable) to entertain overnight guests. This permission must be granted each time a person stays overnight. If you have a disagreement regarding this permission, please talk with your roommate before contacting an RA.


As a courtesy to both those residing on the floor and to residence staff, it is asked that you keep us advised of potential overnight guests (if at all possible).

Escorting guests

Hosts must escort their guests on floors other than where their host resides. In some cases, this escort policy may be extended to both residence complexes. Guests found wandering the halls will be asked to either return to their escort's floor or to leave the building.

Room capacity

Each single room may have two overnight guests. If you live in a suite or a double room, you may have up to two guests, for a maximum of four people.

Length of stay

Overnight guests are permitted to stay in residence no more than two (3) nights per week (Sunday-Saturday), and must have a minimum of two (2) days between visits. Guests are NOT permitted overnight during exam period and are not allowed during Orientation Week.

Parking for guests

If you are expecting a visitor, please purchase a permit at the Pay & Display Kiosk, through the Business Office, or through the Security Office.

If your visitor arrives after the Business office is closed and intends to leave the vehicle on campus overnight, please pick up a daily permit at the Pay & Display Kiosk, or visit the Security Office.

Note that you may also make use of the four-hour parking meters located near the Athletics Centre.