Reporting academic offences

The Office of the Registrar processes all academic offence charges, according to the academic regulations, and will notify all parties related to the charge.

The instructor is responsible for gathering information to support the charge and making a reasonable effort to discuss the case with the student as per calendar regulations. The instructor must communicate their concern to the student preferably by meeting in person or at least by email. It is possible the concern can be resolved at this level, or at least allows the instructor to determine the type of offence which has occurred, i.e. genuine misunderstanding, deliberate plagiarism, cheating or other variety of offence.

Instructors are advised to carefully consider the appropriate charge in relation to the regulations. Instructors should also be aware that students may misunderstand the purpose of the meeting and a formal response from the student to the charge should not be expected or encouraged.

Students are advised to consult the calendar regulations and contact Student Services for advice and assistance in responding to a charge. 

Submitting an academic offence charge

Should the instructor choose to lay academic offence charges, the Office of the Registrar must be notified in writing. An "Academic Offence Incident Report" form is available through each instructor's private UNB e-services / Academic / Course Options.       

Alternatively, the instructor may include pertinent information from the Academic Incident Form in their overview. The type of information and materials which must be submitted for a charge may vary depending on the situation but generally, the following is required:

  • Name and student number of the individual being charged
  • Course acronym and number, section, and term
  • Instructor(s)
  • Type of academic offence
  • Overview of incident and meeting/communication with student. If plagiarism, please indicate if "genuine misunderstanding" or "deliberate"
  •  Email conversations with student, relating to incident
  • Submitted work, i.e. test, exam, essay
  • Sources from which evidence of offence has occurred, i.e. journal articles, websites, cheat sheets
  • Statement from invigilator, if appropriate
  • Other material as appropriate

Timeline of an academic offence charge

Once all relevant materials have been received from the instructor laying the charge, the Office of the Registrar will notify the student of the charge, by Registered Mail or email, including copies of all materials submitted by the instructor. The instructor, Chair and Dean of the discipline will be copied on the letter.  The letter will include contacts for Kevin Bonner, Director of Student Services  as a student resource. The student will have three weeks from the time of receipt of the charge to respond.

If the course has been completed, or is nearing the end of term, an INC will be entered instead of a final grade until the case has been closed.
The student will be notified by email when the next Senate Student Appeals Committee meeting is set at which their case will be brought forward. The student will have the option of appearing in person.

Once the case has been determined by the committee, the student will be notified by the Office of the Registrar by Registered Mail or email of the outcome. The instructor will be requested to confirm the grade, if appropriate.  

Please review the academic regulations pertaining to academic offences in the calendar.

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