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Online invigilation

For guidelines and resources regarding online invigilation, see UNB Online Invigilation.

Classroom assignment

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for assigning rooms for all credit and non-credit academic purposes. Classrooms are assigned as part of the annual timetabling process for the Summer, Fall and Winter terms, and for one time academic purposes such as tutorials, thesis presentations, make-up tests, etc. All booking requests that are not academic, i.e. committee meetings, presentations by external organizations should be booked through Conference Services.

Section requests for courses offered in any of the three academic terms should be accompanied by room requirements, if appropriate. Room requirements are characteristics which are necessary to meet the teaching goals of that particular section. These characteristics are maintained in the database of classrooms available for booking.

Examples of room requirements may include:    

  • Fixed, movable or seminar seating
  • Blackboard, whiteboard
  • Smart or lite
  • Seating capacity
  • Computer lab, scientific lab
  • Piano

Typically, initial classroom assignments are made two-three months in advance of the beginning of the term, although changes will be made into the new term.  

Registration caps on individual sections that are adjusted after classroom assignments have been made may not be guaranteed a classroom.

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