Supplementary programs

Supplementary programs are offered in response to a particular need, but may not be offered on an annual basis.

Bonding with Books

Bonding with Books was designed at the request of community parents who wanted to enhance their own core traits of literacy so that they would be able to support their child’s literacy development. The goal of this program is to enhance parental skills and confidence in early literacy and to provide them with the support and necessary information to play a leading role in increasing literacy engagement at home.

Previously, Bonding with Books has been offered to parents/guardians of students in grades K-2 at Hazen White-St. Francis and Princess Elizabeth School.

Campus Discovery

Campus Discovery Days is offered to students in grades 6-8 at Hazen White-St. Francis in July and August. The goal of this program is to expose students in middle school to science-based activities through hands-on learning at the University of New Brunswick Saint John Campus.

EAL mentoring for newcomers to Canada

Early 2016 saw an increase in the Hazen White-St. Francis student population due to the settlement of Syrian newcomers in the Crescent Valley Community. Approximately 80 students began with an intensive EAL program before being transitioned to the classroom.

To facilitate language acquisition, the Promise Partnership offers targeted mentoring sessions with English-language learners at Hazen White St. Francis. These are focused on listening, speaking, and vocabulary and offers assistance with class work when necessary.

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