Programs and courses

Choosing a program

UNB Saint John classEach degree has a focus to its studies. The bachelor of arts studies people-oriented disciplines like psychology, history, politics, and languages. The bachelor of science studies the pure sciences such as biology, mathematics, and statistics.

The bachelor of business administration covers subjects like accounting, finance, e-commerce and human resource management. There are also many opportunities to take courses across different disciplines.

UNB Saint John’s degree programs are generally completed in four years of study. However, some students will take longer to complete their degrees. Or they may also shorten the time by taking courses in the spring and summer intersession.

Within a degree, students may choose a major. This is a specific area of study within the overall degree. When a student chooses a major, a majority of their courses will be related to that discipline. A bachelor of arts student majoring in history, for example, will study more history-related courses than anything else. Some majors may be available in more than one degree.

Choosing courses

All students will have a faculty advisor who will explain the overall degree requirements, and elements within the degree to keep in mind. Most full-time students will take 5 courses each term. Some students will take more, or less, and may also take labs and tutorials.

If your son or daughter has specific areas or careers of interest, they should let the advisor know. Your son or daughter will choose courses based on their degree requirements, their interests, and their schedules.

A day in the life

Classes may be during the day, afternoon, or evening during the week. There are no weekend classes. The average student will spend 3 hours of study for every hour in class. The average course will be composed of 15 hours of class time.

There may be days when your son or daughter does not have any classes at all. In between classes, there are clubs and societies, athletics and recreational activities, and study and research facilities to support their academics.