Financing the future

Student with counsellorHere is a breakdown of expenditures for the first year:

Once the basic costs of school are covered, as well as accommodations during the school year, don't forget to consider other costs. For example, if your child is living in the Dr. Colin B. Mackay Residence or off campus, they'll need to budget for groceries and other essentials (between $60 to $80 biweekly) and transportation costs such as fuel, insurance, a parking pass or a bus pass.

Also, don't forget to budget for essentials such as doing laundry.

It's important to remember to budget for a little fun as well. Enjoying time away from class with friends is an important part of the university experience. Lifestyle costs such as going to movies or having dinner with friends should be included as well.

For students in specialized programs of study, such as nursing or health sciences, there are additional costs for stethoscopes, uniforms, and pins. Each faculty will provide more information when it's time to purchase these items, and may be able to offer a group purchase discount.