Student Technology Fee Committee @ UNBSJ

The UNBSJ Student Technology Fee Committee (STFC) is responsible for selection and recommendation of projects in the support of the Student Technology Fee (STF) mandate. The STFC membership may be changed from time to time by a vote of the committee. The STFC membership is:

  • Associate Vice President (Saint John) (Co-Chair)
  • Manager, Student Technology Centre (Co-Chair)
  • Representative, UNBSJ Finance Department (Non-Voting)
  • Representative, Faculty of Arts
  • Representative, Faculty of Business
  • Representative, Faculty of Science
  • Representative, Undergraduate Students (one residence student and one non-residence)
  • Representative, Graduate Students (2)
  • Representative, Professional Client Services
  • Representative, Educational Technology Services
  • Recording Secretary, ISS Admin Coordinator (Non-Voting)