Video Conference at UNB, Saint John

Dedicated Video Conference Rooms

The Saint John campus has four dedicated video conference rooms:

  • Oland Hall 120: Equipped with a computer, dual screens and Polycom video conference equipment
  • Oland Hall 203: Equipped with a computer, document camera, three screens and Polycom video conference equipment, designed to function as a classroom
  • Hans W. Klohn Commons 107: Equipped with a computer, dual screens and Polycom video equipment.
  • Irving Hall 215: Equipped with dual monitors, a web camera and a virtual instance of the Polycom video conference software

In general, Polycom equipped rooms can only connect with other Polycom equipped rooms (there are exceptions to this but only if external participants have purchased bridge software, the UNB Saint John campus currently does not have this ability). This means that conducting a video conference meeting in these rooms via Teams will require bringing in a web camera. Irving Hall 215 is the exception as it has a virtual instance of the Polycom software, the built-in web camera can be used for other software such as Teams or Zoom. 

Teams Video Conferencing

Teams video conferencing can be conducted in any space on campus. All that is required is a computer, a web camera, and a screen large enough for all participants to see clearly. For small meetings personal offices may be appropriate and meetings can be conducted on desktop computers, laptops or mobile devices. For meetings with larger groups; guest lecturers in class-rooms, or conducting job interviews a conference or classroom space should be booked through Conference Services; rooms require a wall mounted monitor or an overhead projector to be effective, all other equipment can be borrowed from the Hans W. Klohn Commons

Due to staffing limitation we are unable to provide direct support for individual Teams calls. We do provide access to two powerful Logitech Conference Connect web cameras, through the Hans W. Klohn Commons, and training on creating meeting links and setting up the camera. In addition, The links below provide video and pdf information on all aspects of Teams video conferencing at UNB, Saint John.

A Few Important Notes

Video conferencing can have some challenges. Best practice is to create your meeting link in advance and have local and external participants log into the meeting early to test the camera and microphone they plan to use. If issues are discovered, they will have time to trouble shoot them before the call. Additionally video conferencing in a large space like a classroom provides a great experience for the local participants in the classroom as the far-end is broadcast on a large screen and sound is sent through the classroom speakers; but your guest will be limited to the view and sound captured by the web camera and therefore may not see the entire room or hear questions asked from the back of the class. 

Zoom Video Conferencing

Currently the Saint John campus does not manage any Zoom licenses, though we are aware that the Fredericton campus does support, and use Zoom for some video conference sessions. If you are invited to a Zoom meeting and require a larger meeting space, please follow the advice in the above section on Teams video conferencing as the software has similar requirements. The UNBF licenses are also able to connect with the Polycom equipment in the dedicated conference rooms, if you are booked in OH120, OH203 or HWKC 107 please ask the meeting organizer to arrange a meeting bridge for those rooms. For instructions on how to use Zoom please see the CEL Zoom Support page. 

Training and Support

Please contact Kris Doucet if you would like to arrange additional training on any of the topics covered above. If you are having an issue with an active video conference room please call the Video Conference Support Line at 648-5855.