Poll Everywhere

Instructors use Poll Everywhere to transform the mobile devices students already own into powerful tools for active learning. Rather than requiring students to purchase traditional classroom response systems, or “clickers,” Poll Everywhere leverages students’ own smartphones, tablets, laptops or even SMS-based cell phones. Students can submit answers via text message or over WiFi. Since it is a web-based platform, activities can be completed during class or assigned for homework, and all of this material is stored in the cloud to use for review.

All of the responses from students come in in real-time. This instantaneous feedback enables instructors to quickly assess comprehension of concepts before moving on to another topic. Also, requiring students to recall information and engage with it as it is being presented helps students both retain and comprehend material more effectively. Consequently, it helps to increase both student learning outcomes and student satisfaction rates.

The University of New Brunswick has signed a license agreement with Poll Everywhere allowing all members of the university community the use of Poll Everywhere free of charge as part of this agreement.  

To get started with Poll Everywhere free of charge, you must contact:

Kris Doucet 

Or if you are on the Fredericton campus contact:

Emily Clark