Campus Information Displays at UNB Saint John

Throughout the Saint John campus you will see the Campus Information Displays. These screens are strategically placed in high traffic areas and serve as electronic bulletin boards. The displays are for university-related notices only and provide relevant information on upcoming campus services, events or activities. Currently displays are located throughout the campus, in public areas as well as in the campus residences and close to units or departments.

Content managers

If you are interested in having material posted to the campus displays but are not a BrightSign administrator, you are asked to provide content and template your announcement or presentation prior to submitting. See creating and uploading a presentation.

Training materials

If you are responsible for managing a Campus Display, the following training materials are designed to help you create, edit and publish content. You may use the instructions below, or a full-screen image.

Getting started

Guidelines for Campus Information Displays

What is BrightSign?

Creating and uploading a presentation

You can create a presentation and then have it uploaded to BrightSign, or create a presentation within BrightSign itself. Here are the steps to create a presentation to be uploaded:

  1. Create your presentation content (before uploading), eg. a PDF, an image, a PowerPoint slide, Adobe etc. You are really just creating a file image that will be shown on the screen. See a few examples:

If you wish to use a prepared template for an event announcement, you could use one of the templates provided, and see a sample. If time permits, you can also reach out to our Marketing Office at for assistance in preparing your slides. You are encouraged to contact Marketing for assistance in promoting your initiatives and events.

  1. Image size & quality should be 1920 x 1080 pixels
  2. If you are not a BrightSign administrator, send your presentation to the Content Manager in your area (see above), including details of the time period you would like your notice to appear.
  3. If you are a BrightSign administrator, open BrightSign, start a new presentation, and follow the video instructions if you wish to create your presentation in the system. However, we recommend you create the initial presentation outside of the system prior to uploading, and then you can manipulate or adjust your presentation in BrightSign.

Troubleshooting and advanced features



Please contact if you require support.