Facilities Management is the UNB Saint John liaison with providers of electricity, steam, propane, natural gas, telephone, cell phones, and domestic hot and cold water to UNB facilities. Every effort is made to minimize utility interruption however; any unavoidable outages are communicated to the building occupants as soon as possible.

Heat to buildings is turned off in May and on again in October, with the exact day dependent on actual conditions of weather and scheduling.

Equipment purchases 

It is essential to notify Facilities Management before any equipment is purchased with any special power or plumbing requirements. Facilities Management personnel will be pleased to assist you to ensure that the building services will be suitable for the equipment.

If new equipment has a special cooling requirement, please contact the Building Operations Manager to ensure the needs can be met. If an equipment purchase is part of a project, this will be looked after by the Project Manager.

Telephones on campus are the responsibility of the Facilities Management Administrative Services Coordinator. All telephone related inquiries should be submitted on a telephone service request form.