Land lines and cell phones

Service requests

Use the Telephone Service Request Form for:

  • New telephone installation
  • Move a telephone line to a new location
  • Telephone repairs
  • Add/delete telephone features (ie. call display, voicemail, etc)
  • Any telephone related issues

Ordering a new cell phone

If you need a new cell phone, make sure you have the following information:

  • Make and model of the phone being ordered (ie, not just an iPhone but which iPhone)
    • All cell phones must be approved by the purchaser's supervisor and Chris Callbeck of the Vice President's office.
  • General Ledger Account - object codes as follows: phone purchase - 64155 ; monthly recurring charges - 74120
  • If the phone is an upgrade, be sure to note this and enter the cell # the new phone should have assigned to it if carrying forward the existing number

Fill out the Cellular Order Form and Authorization for E-billing under e-services. Your supervisor must approve the purchase and forward the form to Chris Callbeck for final authorization before the phone can be ordered. For more information, contact us at 648-5666.