Furniture and office moves

All office moves must be submitted to us for approval. Once it is approved, a Work Order Request is filled out and if required, a Telephone Service Request Form should be submitted should a telephone number need to be relocated.

Facilities Management does not move furniture from one office to another in an office move. Furniture in an office stays in that office and if furniture is required at the new location, every effort is made to find suitable items in storage.

If no furniture is found to be suitable in storage, the department making the move is responsible to purchase furniture for the move. Should equipment need to be moved by an outside mover, the department will be charged for the cost of this service.

All files and items in bookcases and filing cabinets must be boxed by the employee being moved and ready for transport to the new location when the move is scheduled.

Furniture moves can be requested by emailing us. Items such as lab equipment, and small items must be boxed by the requestor before it can be moved. Large items such as freezers will require special equipment to be moved and must be scheduled with Facilities Management with as much notice as possible.